5 Things to Expect from a Great Goshen NY Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are considering bankruptcy to alleviate long-standing or insurmountable debt, then you are likely considering whether or not to hire a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer. At the Simon Haysom, LLC, we believe that hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is the best way to protect your exempt property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, negotiate a good payment plan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and handle the emotional rollercoaster of this legal process.

However, if you are going to hire a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer, you should also be certain to hire someone that can be a great representative of your interests during bankruptcy. This means looking for qualities, such as trustworthiness, experience, and knowledge of the bankruptcy courts closest to Goshen. If you find someone with these qualities, and others inherent to a great lawyer, you can certainly expect a Goshen bankruptcy lawyer to do these five things during your bankruptcy case.

#1: Provide Accessible Legal Advice About Bankruptcy

It’s possible that you are approaching a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer with no prior knowledge of the bankruptcy process. This shouldn’t concern you, as most bankruptcy clients at Simon Haysom, LLC start this process with no idea how bankruptcy works or what to expect during execution of a bankruptcy. The reason you are seeking assistance from a bankruptcy expert is to fill the gaps in your knowledge, no matter how big those gaps are.

So, one of the first things you should expect from a bankruptcy lawyer in Goshen is straightforward and accessible explanations of the law. Great lawyers not only know the law but can also break it down in a way that every client understands it. You should leave meetings and phone conversations with your Goshen lawyer more confident in your knowledge of bankruptcy in New York, not more confused.

#2: Ample Time to Dedicate to Your Case

If you meet with a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer that seems scattered and “too busy,” then there’s a good chance these are facts, not observations. While you want to hire a bankruptcy lawyer with plenty of experience and a good reputation, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your case to work with someone who doesn’t have the time.

A great lawyer is also great at case management. These lawyers regularly look at their client list and determine how much time each case requires. Based on this process, a great lawyer will only take a case that fits his or her schedule. Case management is also the recognition that there are appropriate times to turn down a case, and not overloading support staff or associate lawyers with work. If you have the sense that a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer won’t have the time to personally answer your emails or take your phone calls, you may want to look for a different legal option.

#3: Remain Timely with All Filing and Court Documents

Following procedure is a huge part of a successful bankruptcy case. From the day of filing your bankruptcy petition, through adjudication of your bankruptcy decree, there are numerous deadlines and procedural requirements you must meet. Remaining timely becomes even more important in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which has set deadlines spanning three to five years.

Your Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer should help you meet each of these deadlines and remain timely. And this doesn’t mean merely sending you reminders. Often a bankruptcy lawyer will take responsibility for tracking all deadlines, preparing appropriate paperwork, and making the filing with the court. Failure by your lawyer to handle these steps can lead to delays in your bankruptcy case or dismissal of the proceedings.

#4: Represent You at Bankruptcy Hearings

Bankruptcy proceedings are handled in a specific federal court. To represent clients, otherwise called appearing, in the bankruptcy court, a Goshen lawyer must be admitted to the federal district court for the Southern District of New York. Therefore, this is first and foremost a requirement of any lawyer you engage for Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy.

However, your Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer does much more than being physically present at a hearing. Your lawyer should present documents or filing to the judge, respond to questions from the court, answer the bankruptcy trustee’s questions, and also respond to creditors that come to certain hearings. There is one mandatory hearing in New York, called the meeting of creditors, but your lawyer may also appear on your behalf in subsequent hearings, such as a Chapter 13 confirmation hearing.

#5: Answer Any and All of Your Questions

Your Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer should welcome any and all questions. This aspect of legal representation is one of the most important because through questions you will better understand the bankruptcy process and be a bigger asset to your own case. The process of asking and answering questions also highlights why it is so important to find a New York bankruptcy lawyer that is skilled at distilling legal issues for a non-lawyer and has the time for your case.

Contact a Great Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our team at Simon Haysom, LLC takes each task and obligation of a Goshen NY bankruptcy lawyer seriously. We focus on steadfast and reliable legal services to all of our clients, and are prepared to offer the same level of legal service to you. Contact our Goshen office at 845-294-3596.


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