3 Ways to Stop Creditor Harassment

Nobody enjoys receiving collection calls. In truth, you don’t have to answer the phone when they call. You can usually ignore their emails and text messages.

Paying creditors rarely works out in your favor, and unless they are likely to sue, you’re better off focusing on your day-to-day needs or saving the funds you’ll need to file bankruptcy. 

If you do choose to talk to them, always document the contact and then remember these three tips. 

#1) Write a Cease Communications Letter

If you send a letter telling a collection agency they may only contact you in writing via US Mail, the phone calls, texts, and emails will stop. You can find a template here

While the template references actions prohibited by law, you do not have to wait for a creditor’s bad behavior in order to send a cease communications letter. You can do it as soon as they send you the first debt collection letter. 

Of course, you should open any mail you receive. A lawsuit notice would come via the mail or via a process server, and that’s a notice you don’t want to miss. 

#2) File a Complaint with the FTC and the State

Has debt collector behavior crossed the line and become harassment? You can file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. It’s easy and convenient. 

In New York, you can also call the Consumer Frauds helpline at (800) 771-7755 or report the agency to the New York Attorney General

You have the right to sue for Fair Debt Collection violations, though in many cases, a lawsuit may not be worth the time, effort, and money you’d put into the suit.

#3) File for Bankruptcy 

Nothing stops creditor harassment quite like bankruptcy! If you’ve had enough and you know that you cannot pay off all the debts plaguing you, bankruptcy is a great solution.

The automatic stay ensures creditors must stop calling immediately. Once your debts get discharged, those creditors may not call you again. They won’t have any reason to because you won’t owe them money anymore. 

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