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Simon Haysom, LLC has over 25 years experience with bankruptcy, foreclosure, and financial law in the State of New York. A significant part of these 25 years was spent advising and representing the people as a  Chester, New York Lawyer and its surrounding areas.

Our dedication to the communities of Orange County, New York has resulted in substantial knowledge of Orange County courts, legal procedures, and preferences. If filing for bankruptcy or fighting foreclosure in the area, you are likely to face opposing counsel and judges familiar to the attorneys at Simon Haysom.

More importantly, the legal team at Simon Haysom has built a strong reputation in Chester for caring our clients and forming long-term client relationships. We want to know our clients beyond their financial to better assess their bankruptcy and foreclosure issues and provide personalized advice. Time and again, our clients achieve future financial success because their future is of great concern to our legal team in Chester.

Our Chester Bankruptcy Practice

Under federal and New York state law there are several processes for filing bankruptcy, but at Simon Haysom, the initial question we consider is whether bankruptcy is the right path for your financial situation. As local bankruptcy attorneys, a considerable concern is building a trusting, robust attorney-client relationship, and that begins with our process of an initial consultation.

Our Chester, New York Lawyer will schedule an in-person meeting with any prospective client. This initial consultation is straightforward but in-depth. We cover our unique experience with bankruptcy cases in Chester and the details of your financial concerns in a secure, entirely confidential environment.

At this initial consultation, we also answer your questions. We provide basic information on the various types of bankruptcy in New York and cover essential information for both individuals and entities. Based on this consultation, attorneys at Simon Haysom make a recommendation for legal action and initiate your strategic plan for financial success.

Our Chester, New York Lawyer handle the following types of cases in New York:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for entities.

What if bankruptcy isn’t right for me? Simon Haysom can still assist with your financial concerns. Our legal team in Chester regularly advises individuals and entities as they pursue alternatives to bankruptcy.


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