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Goshen NY Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Some financial circumstances require a thorough reset and refresh. In such cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually the best choice, but there are restrictions on who qualifies for this type of bankruptcy and the initial consequences of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be severe.


Hiring a Goshen bankruptcy attorney helps you navigate the decision to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and discharge your debt. As a local law firm, Simon Haysom takes the time to consider all aspects of your family and financial situation, and acknowledge the impact of Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your future. We want Chapter 7 bankruptcy to be a fresh start for our clients, not a greater burden.


Can You File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


Not everyone in Goshen is eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Within the federal Bankruptcy Code, which governs all bankruptcy proceedings in the United States, individuals must meet an income test to file under Chapter 7. This is a means test based on the average or median income for the State of New York.


At Simon Haysom, our Goshen bankruptcy attorneys assess your financial situation and ability to meet the New York means test within a short conversation. Without a long drive to a New York City office, you will know if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a potential solution to your financial concerns.


Should You File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


The second question we ask at Simon Haysom is whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for a particular client. There are other options, such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy. Through face-to-face conversations in Goshen, we are best able to assess your circumstances.

The decision to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy has immediate and impactful consequences. The process is often called a liquidation bankruptcy because a court-appointed trustee takes control of your assets and sells them to pay your creditors. In New York, some assets are exempt from sale – these include real property up to $10,000 in value, car up to $2,400 in value, your wages, disability or illness benefits up to $400 a month, and other specific assets.


All un-exempt property and income can’t be sold, gifted, or kept in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The outcome of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is cancellation or discharge of your remaining debt unless it is a non-dischargeable debt, such as alimony or child support.


If Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option, then Simon Haysom provides representation through the bankruptcy proceedings and into your new, debt-free life.


Why Use a Local Bankruptcy Attorney?


The benefits of hiring a local bankruptcy attorney begin immediately. When you step into the Goshen office of Simon Haysom, it is immediately apparent that our attorneys and legal team are invested in your well-being and financial future.


We invest substantial time into the early part of a client relationship, knowing that it is essential to providing accurate bankruptcy advice. Instead of limiting your initial interactions to impersonal and unspecific email conversations, our experienced lawyers sit down across the table and hear your story, twice, three, or four times, if needed.

Our dedication to Goshen clients continues throughout a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and long after the court proceedings are complete. Unlike a big firm lawyer that walks away the minute bankruptcy proceedings conclude, the legal team at Simon Haysom forms long-term relationships that build towards your financial success.


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